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Are You Ready For Fire Season?

Tailored Enterprises will help you keep your family and property safe and potentially reduce your property's insurance premium due to its increased defensibility.

California Fires In 2020*

9,639 Individual fires burned 4,397,809 acres

The cleanup and personal cost was upwards of 12.08 Billion dollars.

Buildings Destroyed: 10,488

Deaths: 31

Non-Fatal Injuries: 37

**2020 Was the largest wildfire season recorded in California's history (CA Department of Forestry & Fire Protection**

What We Offer:

Tailored Enterprises has years of experience and knowledge in fire prevention. This coupled with our expansive team and modern equipment we can help avoid tragedy

Weed Abatement and Vegetation Management are essential practices to help slow or prevent a fire from reaching your property. We have dedicated teams trained and suited for such a task, we can also provide information and resources if this is something you want to partake in yourself.

Fire Breaks are an equally important aspect to fire prevention and management, these can not only help provide valuable minutes and forewarning in the event of a fire but also can provide the best fire deterrent individually out of any practice.

Land Clearing goes hand-in-hand with our weed abatement and vegetation clearing services. This practice goes above and beyond and removes nearly all potential fuel for a fire to spread across.

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